About Circoflex

Circoflex is your “One-Stop” partner for interconnect technology specializing in the timely design, development and production of Flexible and Rigid-Flexible printed circuit boards. Our diversified expertise allows our customers to implement cost effective electronic packaging designs.

Our Vision

To be the global first-choice for Flexible and Rigid-Flexible printed circuit boards.

Our Mission

With unsurpassed dedication to the highest standards of design, engineering and manufacturing, Circoflex is resolved to ensure your success from inception to production through our dauntless commitment to:

  • Quality and Excellence
  • Creative Design
  • Competitive Pricing
  • On-Time Delivery

Our Goals

Our Goal is to continue to uphold our standards of excellence in:

  • Surpassing IPC Standards
  • Exceeding ISO Standards
  • Meeting UL Standards
  • Manufacturing the leading edge of Flex and Rigid-Flex technologies