• Design
  • Fabrication
  • Various functional tests
  • Value added Assembly components sourcing
  • JIT Inventory Management
  • Rapid Prototyping in 24 – 48 hrs

Off Shore Support

  • Tawian Facility, high volume production
  • Over 0.5 million ft² facility
  • 3/3 line/space, HDI laser vias
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • UL-94V-0
  • Delivery: 2-3 weeks
  • JIT Inventory Management

Maximizing Product Potential

Of all our services, it is our ability to provide clients with creative, cost effective and timely design solutions that can impact quality, reliability, cost effective production and maximize product potential. This is the area that is “not easily quantified” for its true value but where knowledge, experience, creativity and innovative ideas can make significant contributions to successful product development.

Converting multi-rigid, interconnected PCB system to a rigid-flex design for improved performance and reliability requires special skill, experience and knowledge to avoid design errors that can lead to manufacturing delays and increased fabrication costs. Our multifaceted design approach is best suited to help clients achieve product design goals even with technically sophisticated products with numerous design considerations.

Better Design Your Way

We can help you with your Flex and Rigid-Flex PCB design requirements in a number of ways:

Design Coach

Whether you are an inventor with a new product concept or a product manager that needs to reconfigure and improve an existing design, we can help to guide you and provide you with ideas about how to proceed to maximize product potential while minimizing costs.


Many customers know precisely what they want and how we should proceed. In these instances, we will follow your instructions and deliver products according to your exact specifications. 

Knowledgeable Partner

We can provide your company with specialized flex and rigid-flex design knowledge and experience to complement the capabilities of your existing design team.

Creative Designer

Give us your product specifications and let us do the rest. We will meet or exceed your specifications, solve your design problems and come up with creative solutions that will ultimately enhance your product while delivering reliability, quality and minimizing production cost.

Free Consultation and Product Design Guide

Whether you are an inventor with a new product concept, a designer with a design problem or a product manager that needs to reconfigure or improve an existing design, call us at 416-757-6714 or 1-866-975-3768 to discuss the potential of using flex and rigid-flex PCB designs. We can provide you with a complimentary design and quality guide and set-up a personal consultation to discuss your requirements and product goals.